Our comapny has been formed since 1990. At the beginning the production of the comapny included products for fishery, produces exclusively on the basis of transport tapes and mining chains. The company has been reorganised since 205 and it is family business and from those time has been producing a wide variety of fisheryt products on the basis of rubber and cord blend. The comapny produces:
Our company is also distributor od breeding mats. 80% of our production and services is assigned to export. The range of products has been broadened with the cooperation of our main recipient. The products are sold in Denmark, Belgium, Holland, Germany and Poland. Our knowledge is being broadened by participation in trade for fishery as well as rubber industry. The comapny has a number of its own technical and technological solutions protected with patents. Nowadays the comapny is also a distributor of polyester motorboats of the sloep type.